New Blender repository on Github

I’m going to start pushing WIP code to a public repository again. This will replace my recent habit of posting unified diffs and tarballs of git patches here; it also differs from my former use of Gitorious in that the branches will be updated with rebase rather than merging.

The new repository is located here:

Locally, I am using rebase a lot (the repository is updated using git-svn rebase), so I’ll be pushing updates that alter history. You’ll need to pull updates with the ‘+’ refspec.

Currently the public branch are “masking” and “armature-skin”. (The default branch, “trunk”, is just Blender’s current trunk, so don’t bother with that one.)

If you’re not familiar with git, the basic operations to get this code are:

  • git clone [email protected]:nicholasbishop/blender-bishop.git

    Will download a full copy of the repository.

  • git checkout <branch>

    Where <branch> is one of these public branches.

  • git pull origin +<branch>

    Downloads the latest updates for that branch.

  • If for some reason you still want an SVN-compatible unified diff, use this Gist.

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