Clay strips

The clay strips brush coded by Jason Wilkins is enabled in trunk now.

The default .blend hasn’t been updated yet, so you’ll need to create a new brush and change its tool to “Clay strips”. Note that the tool property is now in the Brush menu rather than the toolbar.

Unlike the other brushes, the clay strips brush uses a cube test to define its area of influence (as opposed to a sphere.) The brush curve still behaves normally, so you can choose between a full cubic effect or a softer look that blends better. In the image above, the three embedded cubes were drawn with a flat brush curve and anchored stroke mode; the rest uses spacing stroke with various brush curves.

2 thoughts on “Clay strips”

  1. I downloaded the 2.63 RC1 and I can’t seem to find the Clay strips brush.

    If it is in trunk it should be on 2.63 RC1 right?

    The work you are doing on the sculpting is very valuable. Skin, masking, hiding, remesh, very exciting .

    I realised the other day that I can reach very high polycounts with the right settings, up to 25 Million pollies. That plus all the new feature makes sculpting in Blender a very viable option.

    I can finally ditch zbrush and go 100% open source! Woohoo!

    1. You probably have an older startup .blend. You can manually add it by adding a new brush and setting its sculpt tool to clay strips from the ‘Brush’ menu in the 3D view header.

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