Partial visibility in trunk

I’ve just finished committing partial visibility for sculpt mode:

  • r44864 – Don’t wait for sculpt stroke to create PBVH.
  • r44865 – Add BKE mesh function to update edge/poly hidden flags from verts.
  • r44866 – Add new CCG accessor functions.
  • r44867 – Add MDisps.hidden bitmap.
  • r44868 – Add DerivedMesh.gridHidden and CCGDM implementation.
  • r44869 – Skip hidden elements in PBVH iterator, raycast, and drawing.
  • r44870 – Copy hidden flag to vertices when applying multires modifier.
  • r44871 – Skip hidden elements in PBVH iterator, raycast, and drawing.
  • r44872 – Add partial visibility operator including keymaps and menu items.
  • r44873 – The first, and hopefully last (ha, ha) fix-up commit.

Check the documentation on the wiki for usage info. Please report any bugs you find, either here or in the Blender bug tracker.

This feature began as an ugly hack back in 2.4x, got rewritten during GSoC, and is finally committed to trunk with support from the Blender development fund. Thanks all for your help and support; there’s more to come!

5 thoughts on “Partial visibility in trunk”

  1. Hi nicholas, cool feature.
    If I use the mirror function during sculpting and hide a part of the mesh, the mirror don´t work for hided parts.This can be helpful but if I use hiding only for performance issues it would be better the mirror work for hided parts.
    Example: Hide the half of a mesh switch on x mirror, sculpt with better performance > unhide.
    Cheers, mib.

    1. An interesting idea, but unfortunately doesn’t fit too well with how symmetry is currently implemented.

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