Dynamic-topology sculpt mode is in trunk

Sculpted from a single quad. I swear my real-life handwriting is better.

It’s finally done! Huge, huge thanks to everyone that helped out with test builds, bug reports, suggestions, code review, donations, encouragement, and of course awesome test images! The models and renders in theĀ Dyntopo tests thread on BlenderArtists are really something to see.

Although dyntopo won’t be in an official release of Blender until 2.66 comes out in February, any test builds made from trunk r53450 or later will have dyntopo. Please check out the documentation, play around with the tool, and report any bugs you find to the Blender 2.6 bug tracker. Thanks again everybody!

26 thoughts on “Dynamic-topology sculpt mode is in trunk”

  1. Would like to add congratulations and thanks for your persistence to make Dyntopo as solid as it is. The changes I have seen in Blender in the past 6 months are nothing less than amazing.

  2. Congratulations, and thank you for all your fantastic work, Nicholas! This really is a very happy moment! :)

  3. Congratulations to Nicholas and to all of us. Great tool, making blender a real thing. Keep working on this, Nicholas!

  4. I only heard about Dyntopo today, but after a lot of forum browsing and seeing example works, I’m truly stoked. Incredible work. I’m off to grab the trunk, but can’t wait til the 2.66 release in Feb so this gets more limelight!

  5. Congratulations on the official release of Dynamic Topology in 2.66! This is truly one of the greatest blender developments in a long time.

  6. Hi, I really love Dynamic Topology scultpting, but here is a small feature suggestion that would really make it perfect for me:
    Smooth brush still currently doesnt change the topology, it would be awesome if it would and could be used to reduce details and polycount in some areas!! :)

    1. Hi Nick,

      again thanks for dyntopo. Really nice tool. Any plans on improving dyntopo performance? Currently the upper limit is arounf 400-500k tris. Above this limit working with dyntopo enabled is becoming slow. Do you think it’s possible to increase performance by 2x or 3x factor?

  7. Antony says you are coming back to improve upon the sculpt side of things in Blender? I’m certain I’m not alone in welcoming you back and saying that there must be a horde of people waiting to see what kind of sculpt-goodness you are going to be laying down. Thanks for dropping back into this side of Blender.

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