A change to the dynamic-topology branch workflow

I’m switching to a slightly different git workflow for my dynamic-topology branch: instead of force-pushing rebased updates to a single dyntopo branch, each push that involves a rebase will go into a new branch with a numbered suffix.

If you are building dyntopo, you won’t need to do the “git checkout trunk && git branch -D dyntopo-slim && git pull && git checkout dyntopo-slim” dance anymore. Instead you can just do “git fetch” followed by “git checkout dyntopo-N“, where N is whatever the latest branch is. Currently the latest branch is dyntopo-2, but I rebase frequently with dyntopo so that will change.

Update: for people who were having trouble building, it looks like there was a build problem in trunk with OSL disabled. The dyntopo-6 branch has latest trunk which should fix that issue.

20 thoughts on “A change to the dynamic-topology branch workflow”

  1. hey Nicholas!
    i’ve tried to checkout but it gives errors:

    D:blendersvndyntopo-slim>git checkout dyntopo-2
    error: pathspec ‘dyntopo-2’ did not match any file(s) known to git.

    what did i wrong?

  2. tried to compile dyntopo-2 several times(downloaded the zip)
    mingw64-cmake failed, tried 3 different times..

    With CUDA, Without CUDA libraries , without Blender player.

    I’m getting Failed error Code2,
    after it compiles the Cycles kernel.(no CUDA)
    Will try the dyntopo-4 see if that fixes it..

    1. The progression will be monotonically increasing, so while I might skip numbers, the highest will always be the newest.

  3. I am also getting build errors, with both ‘dyntopo-2’ and ‘dyntopo-4’ (only ones I’ve tried so far). I get build errors at 78% build, without much explanation. The errors look like:

    Linking CXX static library ../../lib/libbf_intern_itasc.a
    [ 78%] Built target bf_intern_itasc
    Linking CXX static library ../../../lib/libcycles_device.a
    [ 78%] Built target cycles_device
    make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    but I can see that the libraries in question

  4. [ 87%] Building CXX object inter
    In file included from C:Blender
    from C:Blender
    ShaderClosure' has no member nam
    mingw32-make[2]: *** [intern/cyc
    pp.obj] Error 1
    mingw32-make[1]: *** [intern/cyc
    or 2
    mingw32-make: *** [all] Error 2


  5. i dont even have a this location on my computer?

    In file included from C:Blender

    my is called In file included from
    C:BlenderSVNblender(Note the lower case extension)

    I rename my dyntopo folder “blender”(is that causing the problem?)

    1. Renaming the folder is fine, but you might need to fully refresh your build setup (I’m not sure how to do that with scons, might be scons –clean)

  6. I dont have

    C:Blender 7:0
    Locations.. not sure why its saying that???

    any ideas?

    same error with Dyntopo-2 and -4

  7. Can you actually have another place to upload dyntopo? I am really having problems downloading it in the graphicall… it ALWAYS cuts the download… seems like the site is down everytime I hit the download button…

  8. Hi Nicolas!

    Last post about Skin Modifier here it is half year old so i will write this down here. Sorry for off-topic and my grammar. :P I have a feature request about Skin modifier. It’s about checkbox option to leave holes in geometry on ending vertices.


    Personaly I use Skin Modifier very often in my retopology workflow and this holes can be very handy. Always when I need pipe-like shape for legs, fingers, etc. I add skin mod on strips of edges, then add subsurf to round it. Its much faster than extruding geometry or using BSurfaces.
    When all pipes are done I manually delete caps on ending and finally add Shrinkwrap modifier to match my reference mesh. With option that create holes on ending vertices I don’t have to apply modifiers and create holes manually. That feature will speed up retopology workflow like mine and make it less destructive. :)
    This can be used in many other ways. For example, imagine modeling heart arteries or coral reef. Simple edges skeleton, then Skin Modifier, subsurf, scaling vertices radius and finaly Solidify modifier. All done in non destructive workflow and capable to further tweaks. :)

    What you think about it?

    And thank you for all your work on blender. You are great. :)

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