Quick masking update

Here’s an updated masking patch that should apply cleanly against current trunk: masking-03.diff

Note that in this update, material colors aren’t working correctly. I’m pondering how best to address this and other drawing problems now.

Past couple days I’ve been committing some code cleanups to the non-sculpt drawing code. It’s still a lot of code to wade through, but it’s at least a little less verbose now.

5 thoughts on “Quick masking update”

    1. Yeah, I’m working hard to break things as quickly as possible :) I’ll put up a fix later though…

  1. Really thank you for your Nicholas, you have really brought a big piece to Blender!

    Just mostly stupid/naïve: On which IDE/OS are you coding for Blender?

      1. Thank you Nicholas for your response! you rox!

        btw, my previous sentence was not complete, I meant:
        “Just astupid/naïve question:”

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