Symmetrize and dyntopo

Don’t have much spare time right now, but still slowly hacking away on integrating symmetrize and dyntopo. The existing work is in the dyntopo-symmetrize branch. It works except for undo, which is what I’m working on now.

Actually, symmetrize itself already works fine with undo, but re-triangulating the mesh after symmetrizing relies on the SFME (split face, make edge) BMesh euler operator, which is not supported in BMLog. I added that support in, but discovered that the inverse operator JFKE (join faces, kill edge) does not always act as a true inverse. Thanks to the Suzanne mesh for showing me that case.

Currently altering SFME and JFKE to behave as I think they should, then BMLog can be updated, and finally dyntopo-symmetrize can be completed. Once all that is done, all the work will be moved into the dyntopo branch and dyntopo-symmetrize & co. will go away.

4 thoughts on “Symmetrize and dyntopo”

  1. I just compiled from your GIT tree and am not seeing anything under options for Dyntopo nor anything in the add-ons (except cycles of course). I copied over add-ons from the 2.64 test release and everything else seems to work as expected. Is there some area I need to go to enable Dyntopo?

  2. Note to self regarding previous post – dig thru the repository to make sure I get the right branch. The dyntopo-symmetrize branch failed to compile but the dyntopo branch compiled and works perfectly. Very sweet project. Am looking forward to seeing the branches merged.

  3. I compiled the dyntopo-symmetrize branch on OSX just fine. A couple of users on BlenderArtists encountered the Undo bug, but other than that – it’s been working well.

    I tend to avoid having multiple versions of Blender on my machine, but I have this branch sitting beside the stable build of Blender on my machine. It’s too good not to use.

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