Symmetrize improved

Suzanne symmetrized twice in different directions, then subsurf’d to demonstrate that the geometry remains connected.

I’ve pushed some fresh updates to symmetrize. It should in general behave much better:

  • Normals are recalculated correctly.
  • Fixed cracks appearing along the axis of some meshes.
  • Fixed crash when operator is run from sculpt mode.
  • Axis and direction are now selectable when running the operator.
  • Improved memory management.
  • General code cleanups, main symmetrize code is now in blenkernel.

Note that this is still Mesh-only (not BMesh), so doesn’t work for dynamic topology sculpting or edit mode yet.

10 thoughts on “Symmetrize improved”

  1. Hey Nicholas. Nice work with Dynamic Topology. I am just waiting for something little bit more complete before playing around with it.

    I am very greatful for the additions you have made to Blender’s sculpting tools. Today skin and mask brush made my task so much easier.

    My character sculpting has never been so fast thanks to the skin modifier and well, masking is just crucial in sculpting. For me skin modifier is way faster than Zspheres as I am way way faster manipulating and viewing within blender than in Zbrush’s awful UI. I mostly retopologize my sculpts but in some cases skin does a good enough job.

    Thank you very much!!

  2. That is pretty damned awesome, Nicholas. I am eagerly waiting to see this work with BMesh as I’m having a ball with DynTopo branch now and being able to use this without having to enter/exit each time would be a great boon to us all :)

  3. Great operator !
    It would be great to have a symmetry plane displayed like Image display of an empty.
    User could rotate it in any direction instead of being limited to local axes.

  4. pretty cool. :P

    Only i think +X to -X should be the default..

    when i run Symmatryize it automatically uses -X to +X and loses all the detail from
    +X side,
    and then no way to go from +X to -X

    You need a way of choosing the direction first before the operator is ran.

  5. ok.. ok.. i figured it out..

    if you do it in sculpt mode..
    you need to go back to object mode first..
    then it works, letting you pick direction.

    good job Mr. Bishop.

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