Improved collapse and (maybe) stability

Pushed some changes tonight that improve the output of dyntopo when collapse edges is enabled. Should fix the random “flaps” of isolated triangles. Various crashes also fixed.

11 thoughts on “Improved collapse and (maybe) stability”

  1. Loving your work!

    Last build I tried I noticed that the skin modifier node scaling (ctrl a) didn’t work…. a shame as dyntopo + skin is a killer combo.

    I haven’t been able to build on ubuntu yet and am wondering: do you use scons or cmake when working? (I just want to make sure I use the one most likely to be up to date)

    1. Ah, the Ctrl A shortcut is temporarily overridden in the bmesh-undo branch, which dynopo is based off of. I was using that key for testing the logging code, but I’ll turn that off. (You can also override it through the keymap settings by deleting the BMesh Undo/Redo entries.)

      I use CMake (gives faster partial rebuilds), but if you find errors with scons build please let me know (with full build log) and I’ll try to get that fixed up.

  2. Hey, I don’t really know where to post that question – I figured you will be best person to direct it to. I was just thinking – now shape keys in blender require that object should keep same structure (same amount of polys) in all states, right? Would it be possible to make shape keys working with dynamic topology? Wouldn’t that gave amazing possibilities in such situations as all types of transformations/growing animations? Is it even possible?
    I am not programmer, mostly illustrator in fact, but I would like to share that thought with someone like you.

    1. You can already sculpt shape keys by selecting the shape key and pressing the pin button below. BMesh allows you to edit the mesh and keep the shape keys but it can be buggy if you change the mesh too much.

      1. Thx for the tip. Well that’s the thing with “changing it too much” ;) I am thinking about what if you could change it a lot – face into werewolf without thinking about geometry out front, some growing plant or really whatever.. No limit really. But since I know literally nothing about coding I have no clue if thats possible or worth of hassle.

        1. There is research out there on such morphing algorithms, but it’s definitely not in the scope of dynamic topology sculpting.

  3. Hi Nicholas, have you actually pushed this on github? It is still on grab brush wip commit since a week or so ago.

    1. Yes, I rebase the branch each time I push it so that when the time comes to commit it to Blender’s SVN it’ll have a completely clean history. The commit this change affected is actually up the stack a bit, “Add dynamic topology support to the PBVH” or something like that.

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