Two new options and a brush for dynamic topology

I’ve pushed a few updates for dyntopo:

  • As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about better flat-shaded drawing for regular sculpt mode, you can now toggle between smooth and flat shading in dyntopo. This is just a display setting for now, doesn’t alter the actual mesh at all.
  • Edge collapse is now available again, but disabled by default. When making large alterations to the mesh (e.g. with the snake hook brush), you can enable the “Collapse Short Edges” toggle to get smoother and more regular topology. The trade-off is that, while enabled, brushes will tend to erase fine details. For example, if you use the crease brush to define a sharp indent in the mesh, you probably don’t want to collapse short edges in that area.
  • Added a “Simplify” brush that only modifies topology. It’s pretty much the same as using a regular brush with zero strength and Collapse Short Edges enabled. (Note that as this is a new brush it won’t show up in your brush list by default, you have to add a simplify brush manually.)

12 thoughts on “Two new options and a brush for dynamic topology”

  1. Tried the latest build on Graphicall. And got some points I´m not sure if they´re bugs, or on the todolist :P

    1. If I try to enable dunamic topology with multires Blender crashes
    2. When I sculpt with dynamic topology it just subdivides the geometry, but leaves it otherwise unaffected (ie no push or pull).
    3. Every time I go into editmode and back into objectmode I have to reenable dynamic topology.

    It´s hard to give you what version I´m using since it just says “rUnversioned director”

    I have an Intel Core i5 2400s (quad), with a geForce 405 and 6gbs of RAM if that helps.

    1. (1) Indeed a bug, but just to be clear, multires on top of dyntopo is never going to work (the crash must be fixed, of course.)

      (2) This is odd. Have you tried various brushes? If you disable dyntopo does the brush work?

      (3) Is a bug, will fix.

      1. Cool, I don´t mind testing, and you´re doing great work for Blender :) Regarding #2 I played around a bit with the settings a bit and got it to work (had to lower detail size, not just brush size), it does however convert the whole mesh into tris (not just the part I´m sculpting), is this expected behavior?

        1. Yes, for now everything has to be converted to triangles. In theory we could do this as needed, but I kind of doubt it would be helpful (chances are you won’t use dyntopo if you need to preserve any existing topology.)

  2. hey Nicholas thanks for the Dintopo, Nicholas it is possible to implement angle brush like zbrush and 3d coat, the brush is adapted to the surface and you can make angle cut or see the brush rotate over the surface

  3. Really great work. I noticed that now subdivision work when I paint in the middle of the face, not only on edges. Thats very handy. It would be nice to do auto detailing, depending on the size of the brush relative to the size of the object on the screen (well, some “magic” numbers can be used). And blender crushes every time when I try to switch to edit mode from sculpt mode (just a habit). If I go to object mode first and then to edit mode all works well.
    It is incredible that one man could write such a feature in such a short period of time. I hope that the final testing is very close.

  4. A suggestion about topology simplification. Perhaps there could be an “auto-simplification” feature that dissolves all faces that have an angle (with their surrounding faces) small enough.
    For instance, setting a threshold angle, and all faces with angles lower than that threshold, get dissolved. (Implemented as an operator)

  5. WOW this is really stable, and all the brushes work right now, or at least most of them, I’m still playing with it but dam this is GOOD, if there was a way to create something similar as the clip brushes of zbrush this would be nearly as powerful as dynamesh, I’m completely blow away!

  6. Hello, this is awesome, but when I enable dynTopo and start to scult, nothing happens.. when I disable it and start to sculpt, it shows the previos strokes I made and starts to sculpt, but is not changing typology anymore..
    so.. then I must enable it again.. do some strokes without seeing anything and then disable to be able to sculpt.. something is wrong there.

    System: Mac OS mountain lion

  7. dynamic topology is really awesome,but there is no warning before toggling to the dynamic topology mode , most of the time I use sculpt but don’t need dynamic topology ,now I always warry about when do I press the dynamic topology hotkey by accident with no warning and my mesh will be ruin。

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