Input averaging

Just committed input averaging to trunk. This is a feature for sculpt, vertex paint, and weight paint that smooths the input stroke by averaging together recent mouse locations. The number of averaged locations can be controlled from the Options subpanel of the 3D View’s toolbar.

Quick update on the skin modifier: Campbell provided nice code review for the first patch yesterday; I’ve just uploaded an updated patch that adds most of his suggested improvements.

7 thoughts on “Input averaging”

    1. Sorry, I’m not much for doing Windows builds. Demohero is usually pretty quick on that, though.

    1. The changes being made during code review are just improving the code, no new features are being added.

  1. As always, thanks for your hard work. :-)

    So, with skin almost there and masking committed, might we dare hope bug 28318 moves up in the priority list ever so slightly? Or at least a way to get out of “smoothing hell” somehow?

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