Blender Development Planet

Forgot to post about this before: in response to a BA thread about, I created a test planet aggregator for general Blender development news: It only has a few feeds for blogs I happened to be aware of, feel free to send me links to other feeds.

I’m not sure how useful this really is — there’s already a Blender planet (, although without the focus on development. Anyways, just putting this out there in case there’s interest.

3 thoughts on “Blender Development Planet”

  1. Cool idea, is there an rss feed? If there is I’ll definitely subscribe right away. I’ve collected feeds for most of those sites, but having them all in one place like this sounds really nice. Thanks for doing this!

      1. Thanks for the link. I’ve found a couple developer blogs which I didn’t see in the list here, they are: which is Antony Riakiotakis’ blog (psy-fi), is by Fabio Russo, and then there is , MiikaH’s site. Most of Miika’s posts tend to be more centered around feature tests than development, but it’s still cool stuff and the developer statistics section of his site is really neat. One other site you could consider would be the Blender Podcast, since that tends to be centered around Blender developments/developers for the most part.
        so, hope this helps and thanks again for putting the Blender Development Planet together!

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