Sculpt masking merged to trunk

At long last, sculpt masking is in trunk!

Big thanks to everyone who helped out with uploading test builds and providing feedback on features and bugs. Thanks in particular to Brecht for doing code review, and to the Blender Development Fund for sponsoring the work.

Documentation is on the wiki. We’re getting pretty close now to feature-parity with SharpConstruct ;)

Edit: With masking safely in trunk, I’ve removed the masking branch from github and merged the updates to the skin-modifier branch. If you have previously saved files using the skin-modifier branch, the skin data (i.e. vertex size and root markings) will be lost. This is due to the skin data and paint mask data sharing a CustomData layer identifier until now.

13 thoughts on “Sculpt masking merged to trunk”

  1. Thank you Nicholas.

    Your hard work is really helping me tonnes.

    I hope your involvement with sculpting will be a ongoing in the future as the resent developments you have done are crucial, I hope the blender development fund will support you permanently to advance sculpting.

    I can finally switch from zbrush to blender sculpt, (with a little compromise).

  2. Thats something :D big thx Nicholas!
    So far what i have tested its rly impressive, dont`t get me wrong just out of curiosity how possible would it be to extend the masking like in zbrush
    where u can mask and create a new model out of the masked region?
    still impressive work and again thx :D

      1. 1st of all thx for your reply, what i exactly mean is adding an option to the masking that lets the user create a new model out of the masked region like for example drawing a mask on a character body (around the neck and biceps/hips area) and by clickin on a extrude like option creating a new mesh out of the mask. A function like that would speed up things a lot and when u take the time to watch this vid around 1:20 it shows how this is done in zbrush

        again thx for your time Nicholas

        1. Although it’s not as smooth in Blender, you can do this in edit mode. You could even define the shape in sculpt mode with a mask, then hide the rest of the mesh. The hidden parts would be hidden in edit mode too, so you could then duplicate and separate the remaining faces, creating a new mesh.

          1. thats right ofc we do have some other ways of doin things similar to that way in zbrush.
            We/i rly appreciate what u and other ppl do for blender, i just tought it would be a great thing to have anyways thank you for takin the time to answer :)

  3. Thanks a lot Nicholas, great work, I would like to know if you plan to implement the mask layers and the texture to mask operator as well, it will be awesome to have these features too in trunk.

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