Southern Coding

Have been a bit silent here the past week; I just moved back to South Carolina with all the business that entails.

Work continues on the skin modifier though. If you try out the latest updates in the github branch, you should find that it’s a bit closer to the goal of always generating a manifold mesh. It also has a new smoothing option for smoothing the vertices around branch nodes. This needs further thought still; I’d prefer to just get the output looking nicer in the first place.

Some news regarding sculpt masking from the Sunday #blendercoders meeting, Brecht says he plans to review the patch next week (unless someone else can volunteer to do it.)

Also spent some time today playing with the code style checking script (“make test_style”, or “source/tools/ <paths>”.) Fixed up some of the sculpt/paint code in trunk, as well as updates to the masking and skin modifier code. Will try not to waste too much time on pedantic code formatting though :)

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