Convex hull committed to trunk

Just committed the convex hull bmesh operator to trunk (r46081) having completed code review with Campbell. Also wrote some quick user documentation in the wiki.

Update: the skin-modifier branch has been updated now to make use of the convex hull BMesh operator. From the user perspective everything should still look exactly the same, but code is simpler now.

7 thoughts on “Convex hull committed to trunk”

  1. Hi,

    that Convex-Hull-Operator sounds great!

    I wonder, if this could be used (at least the algorythms) for SPH-Meshing…
    If the answer is “yes”, it would be great, if you or someone else could implement that ….

    A reply would be nice :)

    Regards Donnerland

    1. No; a convex hull is not suitable as a general meshing algorithm (it can’t produce concavities.)

  2. This is great.
    It is close to “Crouch’s Looptools Bridge” before Bmesh merge.
    I think it can replace it.
    In trunk, I am missing a bridge with option to add loops.

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