10 thoughts on “Windows masking/skin-modifier builds uploaded”

  1. I’ve read the BMesh paper that inspired this and it’s got me wondering: since the subdivision is guided by a scalar field, couldn’t the scalar field be perturbed with noise functions to get different looking surfaces with different roughness/detailing? And since the initial mesh is set up by sweep/extrusion, couldn’t it be UV unwrapped on the fly as that action is performed, since you are adding face loop after face loop and unwrapping a loop at a time seems intuitively simpler? Although I might be wrong…

    1. This code is actually not using the subdivision+evolution scheme described in the paper. (Had that coded, but never worked quite right; fortunately results seem quite OK without.)

      Automatic UV unwrapping might be a possibility though, will think about it.

    1. Confirmed, not sure what’s going on there. Tried re-uploading but same result. At any rate, there are builds up on Graphicall now.

  2. thx :) on win7 sp1 64bit works great – masking and hiding mesh will make my life a lot easier :D But I have a question about vertex groups partial visibility – will it be something like polygrups in zbrush? [hope so:P]

    1. Currently masking does not integrate with vertex groups, but that could be something to look at in the future.

    1. There are no longer any skin controls for armatures, so the skin modifier on meshes is correct usage. Use the “create armature” button to produce a rig for the skin modifier.

  3. Thanks for the reply :)…i’m very sorry i have bothered you :
    and THANKS for this awesome feature :)

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