Recent skin modifier updates

New skin modifier UI options

Summary of recent changes for the skin modifier:

  • Simplified root-node marking. Rather than having to manually clear roots if there’s more than one in a tree, simply select the vertex you want to be root and click “Mark Roots”.
  • Generating an armature from skin will now automatically add an armature modifier too, so you can start posing immediately.
  • Constructive modifiers above skin modifier work better now; skin roots draw correctly (see for example mirror modifier.)
  • Improved quad generation for branch nodes, avoids merging triangles when the resulting quad would be non-symmetric.
  • Added RNA/UI for symmetric axis (X, Y, or Z).
  • Fix vertex merging, was sometimes creating weird polygons attached to vertex zero.
  • The usual set of code cleanups and minor bug fixes.

And thanks as always to the folks providing feedback!

8 thoughts on “Recent skin modifier updates”

  1. Hi there!!

    Wow this is absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to play with it (as soon as there is a mac build with it)

    Keep it up!!

  2. Great tool Nicholas!!!
    @Kakachiex +10000000!!!!
    Windows build Pleaaaaaaaaaaase :D
    Or (better): skin modifier to svn trunk PLEEEEEEEASE :)

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